Viewing on this site is not suitable for children How many fur bearing animals are
slaughtered for one fur coat
How can anyone feel they are elevated in society by supporting an industry based on cruelty and suffering

How can anyone feel they are in the height of fashion wearing a dead fellow mammal's skin

How could anyone feel they are a cut above the rest and be totally ignorant of or ambivalent about how their fur was obtained

16 Bobcats
200 chinchilla
16 coyotes
125 ermines
100 hamsters
20 Foxes
12 silver foxes
18 lynxes
60 mink
50 muskrats
45 opossums
20 otters
35 rabbits
30 rex rabbits
40 racoons
100 squirrels
8 seals
50 sables
25 skunks
15 wolves
Most of these creatures spend their entire lives in small cages with a wire mesh floor!
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